We Produce Eyewear Handmade in Italy

A safe choice. An ancient tradition. A unique art.

Italian Eyewear Factory

The processing of Essequadro eyewear develops in 72 stages.
With CNC machines and a computer-aided design, Essequadro is a leading-edge processing of cellulose acetate. The production process is the result of the combination of tradition and technology. Our production process is the result of the combination of tradition and technology. We work both with metal and acetate. We use a metal alloy of medical steel, but we are keen on working also with other kind of metal. We work only high-quality acetate with the latest machines at 5 axes. The lenses are cut by an automated machine. The cleaning is done with the process of tumbling lasting 120 hours: tradition wants that the steps of polishing, brushing and finishing are done by hand. Thanks to an innovative certification Essequadro is able to realize bonding patterns with exclusive colours.

A unique solution for the production of eyewear

Essequadro offers a fully customized service for the production of handmade in Italy eyewear for private label

Research and Development

The design department offers research model, the development of the project and the design of the eyewear, following your idea in every stage of realization


We offer you the design, development and support in the selection of a sample of eyewear , respecting the philosophy of your company brand

Technology and Quality

The craftsmanship, cutting edge technology and our exclusive patents will provide quality eyewear of the Italian tradition

100% handmade in Italy

We use Italian raw material, every single eyewear is made ​using Mazzucchelli acetate. We only use made in Italy alloy of medical steel

Delivery ​​and supplies

The production of the eyewear is made internally and the delivery is really fast. We have over 2,000 colors acetate always available

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50 years of experience

Family style
A family dream began the career with eyewear the late ' 40s . The latest generation has picked up the baton , with one goal : to design and produce beautiful eyewear that appeal to customers. University first and stage then in eyewear factories , the sacrifice and passion of Stefano Scauzillo had a good revelation: the Essequadro Srl, an example of craftsmanship and creativity.

The first award dates to 2015, of the Institute for the Protection of Italian Manufacturers, which has recognized the quality of workmanship of Essequadro with a special certificate . And the ANFAO, the National Association of Optical Goods Manufacturers, who welcomed at the 2013 the Essequadro among its "members". In 2017 he joined Confindustria

Anfao organizza annualmente la più importante fiera al mondo dell'ottica, meglio conosciuta come Mido di Milano.

A family method

Stefano Scauzillo is an innovative , extraordinarily creative , elegant and ironic young manager. He gives an extraordinary importance to his teamwork . Stefano creates eyewear thinking family store - optics - for those who will buy them and wear them . His creations combine the glamor to the quality , matching the madness of colors with innovative lines, maintaining simple and clean shapes.

Every year Essequadro is present at international fairs: MIDO Milan, OPTI Monaco, SILMO Paris and VISION EXPO in New York and Miami.